Blank day today

Not much to say today. But I’ll press ahead and see what kind of nothingness spews forth from my fingers.

Yesterday was exhausting, but I got quite a bit done. I spent most of the day on the phone, which is my least favorite thing in life.

With Marmie and Pop out of the country, this means that I’m working at home today. It’s been nice, although I’d rather be chilling in my recliner with a book or a movie instead of working on this rainy day.

It’ll be nice to not rush to small group tonight.

Beau is working out the details of the senior seminar thingy he’ll be doing at Patrick Henry next semester. It’s looking like I’ll need to adjust my work hours to earlier in order to get home in time for him to leave to teach an evening class one night a week. That’ll be fun.

I’m way behind on TV viewing, hence no TV posting. Who’da thunk that would happen? We did watch the first two episodes of Journeyman and liked it. Have yet to watch a single episode of CSI: Miami this season. I’m keeping up with Dancing with the Stars and Survivor: China pretty well. I still need to watch last week’s The Office and CSI. I’m liking Bionic Woman and Life, still, which is nice. On The Office - is that now permanently 1 hour long?

OK, turns out I had plenty to share.